McDonald’s: McRib, The Most Important Sandwich of the Year

McRib is one of the most famous and anticipated sandwiches out there. It made a come back after a 8-year-hiatus. Hence, it was the most important sandwich of the year, indeed.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy NY
Role: Art Director 
Writer: Ben Capshaw
Social Writer: Courtney O’Donnell
Group Creative Director: Brandon Henderson
Director: Joy Kilpatrick


“The Most Important Sandwich of the Year”





And because it's so important, we made a 7-day countdown for its return in Times Square.

*Pictured: Ben (copywriter) and me!


We teased where we thrive the most, on social. 

We even turned the heart on Twitter into a McRib!

We made other silly ads like this on the left because we knew someone would make a meme like this on the right. And they did. 

We also made a Snapchat filter with a McRib descending from the heavens. 

We didn’t stop there. Also had Dave Pollot paint the one and only McRib painting for us.